Training while on holiday

Written by Sue Devlin

Going away on holiday? How exciting!!!!  A holiday can mean many things; relaxing, exploring and learning about the wonderful world we live in.  There are many ways by which you can holiday, from relaxing in a resort; staying in hotels and locally with companies like Airbnb; backpacking; or going on an amazing adventure. Whatever type of holidaymaker you are, there are ways that you can still train for your next cycling event!


Most hotels and resorts have a gym, where you’ll find your stationary bike.  Get on down there early in the day, have a spin and walk away feeling a sense of accomplishment, before enjoying a good breakfast and the day that lays ahead.  It is also a good way to stay active on a rainy day, when your other plans may be disrupted. 

Guided tours

Guided tours are a great way to see a city.  You can often travel further than when on a walking tour, while learning about the city you are visiting.  Many cities in Europe have guided tours.  You will need to be reasonably confident on a bike as you’re quite often riding through busy streets, with both pedestrians and traffic to be aware of.

Self guided tours

Self guided tours are similar to guided tours, usually around a city, or they can be further afield where you are riding from one destination to another.  We had a great self guided tour in the Netherlands.  We were based in Gouda in a small boutique hotel and had a GPS which tracked our three days of riding.  We could choose from short or long rides, depending on the weather and how far we felt like riding.  Again, in Europe you can ride from one country to another with some companies giving you vehicle support in moving your luggage to the next stop.

Hiring bikes

If you want to do your own thing, there many cities that offer bike hire.  There’s a range of bikes on offer - hybrid, road, mountain and e-bikes.  We had a great experience in NZ, where the bike hire company delivered to our accommodation, before returning to pick them up two days later.  This gave us the opportunity to ride like a local and also to explore further afield.

There are many ways to keep cycling while on holiday.  They may not be what you’re used to, or on a bike that is similar to your own, but they are all beneficial. You enjoy a purposeful workout and if you’re outside, you get the added option of seeing a city from a bike.

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  1. Trish
    February 7, 2018

    I hired a tandem bike with a friend in China at a ‘resort’ we were staying at – once we got the message through we had a lot of fun.
    The bikes were a bit rusty and cranky as. Though the funny was they had brand new giant bikes hanging up inside and stationary trainers.
    I can’t wait to try bike hire in Florence.


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