Meet our Ambassador Sara Stace: Business Woman, Board Member and Bike Guru

Bicycle NSW Board member, Sara Stace, is getting ready for the Gear Up Girl ride on Sunday 8th March.

“It’s great to celebrate International Women’s Day with a bike ride for women and kids,” says Sara. “Bicycles are an affordable and easy form of transport. My teenage years were liberated by having a bike to ride everywhere, and I was encouraged to ride rather than rely on my parents for transport.”

Sara did the Gear Up Girl Ride in 2013 with her then 3-year old son, using a Chariot trailer hitched to the back of her bike. This year she plans to ride with her two young children in a ‘Bullit’ cargo bike, which has a power-assisting electric motor.

“Recently a friend lent me his electric cargo bike to try, and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. It was so much fun! My 5-year old son, who’s been reluctant to learn how to ride, kept making excuses for us to ride on this electric bike. We rode it to daycare, the shops, the beach, and to his friend’s house, all because my son insisted on ‘trying it out’”.

“The experience has shown me that you don’t need to be super fit, wear lycra, or worry about carrying kids. This electric cargo bike provides all the answers.”

Look out for Sara and her two children on the Heart Foundation GEAR UP GIRL 20km ride on Sunday 8 March. Kids can participate for free, including boys.

Men can help out by volunteering on the course, fixing bikes, and preparing the festivities at the end of the event, and carting partners home at the end of the day.

Sara Stace, Executive Director LinkPlace and Board Member Bicycle NSW

Humans On Bikes

Sara is also the Founder of a new and rapidly growing social media community “Humans On Bikes’. Capturing the beauty, joy and freedom of people riding their bicycles. It is what it says – a site dedicated to ‘humans riding their bicycles’, one story at a time. So please share your stories with Sara including a photo and she would love to add it to the growing community.

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