Congratulations to our Rolling Wines Winners 

Thank you to everyone who entered the Rolling Wines Vintage Bike Competition and congratulations to seven lucky (and talented) winners. Enjoy reading these clever responses to the question “What are you looking forward to doing on your Rolling Wines Vintage Bike?”. The winners were recognized for their creativity and wit, and we loved the diversity from everyone.

The delightful serendipity of this competition, Lesley Cox the winner had ridden GEAR UP GIRL on a borrowed bike, and got to take home a brand new bike of her own. So plenty more riding for Lesley and the 14 ‘Inner Strength’ girlfriends she rode with.

We would like to thank our partner Cumulus Wines for the wonderful support of Rolling Wines at the Heart Foundation GEAR UP GIRL Ride in 2015, and helping to encourage more women to ride.

Winner of the Rolling Wines Vintage Bike Competition

Lesley Cox

Rolling along in style,
Wines are chilled and carried with ease,
Vintage style is one to admire, so
Bike with me and shoot the breeze.

Rolling Wines Winners1
Lesley Cox on her new bike

Second Place Winner

Patricia Hayward

Swing leg over the top tube? Once done with ease,
Before rheumatoid disease.
Gentle step-through, now, lifting only knees?
That’s vintage which would greatly please.

Rolling Wines Winners2
Patricia Hayward

Runners Up

Rhiannon Evans

Ride my Bicycle everywhere. Ride it with pride and care. Enjoy the freedom it would bring. Checking out places now till spring!


Julie-Anne Roche

I’m looking forward to embracing my inner vintage and enjoying the adventure of rolling in my neighbourhood on a sunny Sydney afternoon with my family.


Samara Kitchener

I would give this bike to my mum. Then she can join my daughter and me on our cycling adventures. 3 generations on 6 wheels!


Heather Boardman

Sherides done,
Cycling, friends, fitness, fun!
Gear up Girl: challenge to come.
To Orange – great wine; that I’d like,
Riding the Rolling Wines Vintage Bike


Mel Bingham

On my red vintage bike,
You don’t notice the hike,
But the scenery that surrounds
And the beauty that astounds,
Rolling on my red vintage bike.