Women in focus

Over the next 5 months in the lead up to Gear Up Girl 2017, will be following 3 women who discovered cycling through Bicycle NSW events. They are everyday women, with full time jobs, who one day picked up a bike and have never looked back. Follow their journey to the start line on Sunday March 12 2017.

Katie Robertson, 37, CFO of Macquarie Banking and Financial Services Division.

A little bit about you and your cycling story? I’m very much a social cyclist and enjoy going out with my friends to cycle and have a coffee, on quiet roads and round parks.

Tell us how you got into cycling. I was looking for a sport that was just fun, and I didn’t give me the ‘ I better go to the gym’  dread. I saw an advert for Gear Up Girl 2015, so I entered the 20km and it gave me motivation to get active after the holiday season back in Jan 2015. It quickly became a favorite hobby, I didn’t worry that I hadn’t been out for a few day (sometimes work can be very long hours) When i could, I would just jump on my bike, switch off from the office and really enjoy getting some fresh air.

Did you do the Spring Cycle? Yes, I loved it was amazing to cycle over the Bridge! I did the 50km ride with friends, it was the furthest I have ever cycled. It was a mental challenge but it really helped that it was a pleasure ride and not a race so we could all laugh and chat as we cycled along.

If you could give any advice to women about cycling and taking the first step out on their bike, what would it be? Got for it!  Pair up with friends who all go at the same pace, you can give each other support and build confidence together. I also strongly suggest starting with pleasure rides, Gear Up Girl in March is ideal. It gives you the feel of cycling in groups without the competitive pressures of others racing around you.