New Local Partnership Gets Rolling

On Wednesday 20th February, Bicycle NSW and local charity TAD Disability Services announced their new partnership.

The partnership aims to create a better environment for cycling by raising the awareness and positive impacts cycling has for children with disabilities and the broader community.

Pictured, TAD Disability Services CEO Alan McGregor and Bicycle NSW CEO Alex Unwin with a Freedom Wheels bike.

About TAD Disability Services
TAD Disability Services is the only charity in NSW which designs and builds personalised custom equipment to enable people with disabilities to lead more independent lives. TAD’s core workforce is almost 300 volunteers who donate their time to create over 1,000 custom-built items each year. For more information visit

About Bicycle NSW
Bicycle NSW is a member-based association with a substantial history of representing bicycle users in New South Wales. Our mission is:

“Creating a better environment for cycling”

Our goal is to achieve a better environment for current riders, and for those who may be encouraged to ride a bicycle in the future. Bicycle NSW seeks to stimulate the cultural and behavioural change necessary to mainstream bicycle use while also advocating for improvements to be made to the built environment that improve the viability of the bicycle as a serious transport option.

We run programs and events, advocate for better conditions for bicycle users and provide a variety of information for bicycle users. We work collaboratively with a wide network of partners and friends to reach our shared objective of mainstreaming bicycle use.

Media Enquiries
For more information, interviews or photo opportunities, please contact:
Nicky Fagan, Communications Officer, TAD Disability Services on 02 9912 3404.
Tony Henderson, Portfolio Director – Events, Bicycle NSW on 02 9704 0809