Make the Invisible Visible!


The Heart Foundations Making the Invisible Visible Campaign is raising awareness of heart disease among women. Although heart disease is the single biggest killer of Australian women understanding and awareness of risk factors remains very low.

Central to the campaign this year is raising awareness on the benefits of physical activity & its relationship to women’s heart health.

Did you know:

  • Close to 1.3 million Australian women aged between 18 – 44 do not exercise at all.
  • The number of people who are sedentary (i.e. did not exercise at all) is increasing especially that of women aged 18-24 year olds since 1989 (26% vs 31%).

For more on women and heart disease see the Heart Foundation’s publication Women and Heart Disease Facts and Statistics.

Are you active enough? Even if you do the recommended amount of physical activity each week, you will still benefit from minimising the time you spend sitting each day, and from regularly interrupting periods of sitting. Find out if you are active enough and how to minimise sitting in the Heart Foundation Am I Active Enough?

Encourage others to do the same… by doing so you will be protecting the hearts of the women you know and love.

Make a plan for Gear up Girl in March 2018!


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