Jacqueline Arias, a cycling CEO and environmental advocate

“As a woman committed to cycling to and from work, I’m thrilled to be an Ambassador for the Heart Foundation GEAR UP GIRL Ride 2015. I love cycling because it’s great for my heart, it’s an easy way to be environmentally friendly, and I can always find a free parking spot! My daughter and I are riding this year to support the Heart Foundation and Bicycle NSW in encouraging more women to take up this wonderful activity that benefits our health and our environment.”

Bicycle NSW were proud to feature Jacqueline in a Business Insider article in 2014 where a select group of cycling CEO’s shared their cycling experiences, “THE NEW GOLF: Tony Abbott And 8 CEOs Tell Us Why They Love Cycling”. You can read Jacqueline’s story here. http://www.businessinsider.com.au/the-new-golf-tony-abbott-and-8-ceos-tell-us-why-they-love-cycling-2014-4

Jacqueline Arias, Founder & CEO, República Organic

Republica Organic: www.republicaorganic.com.au